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We're a family of 5. I, Jessy, the mother, came 22 years ago from Peru with my eldest. I came with the dream to have my own business and create a life for myself. I made sure to still incorporate Peruvian culture in the lives of my girls to keep it alive. Now that they're older and can go on their own, they love going to visit every year. Everything I have done and continue to do is for them. I am happy that I have them to help me with this big dream. Know that with your purchase, you're not only helping the families in Peru, but you are helping my girls and I as well. 


I was born in a small Andean town of Peru called Huachos. That is where my love for my culture comes from. At 11, I moved to Lima for higher education and studied Accounting. I worked in that for many years until I noticed that I inherited the entrepreneurial spirit from my mom and I opened my own business in Peru. Years later, I decided to move here with my little girl looking for the "American Dream". Here, I have been involved in many business activities but being a mom of 4 girls became my priority. Until now, finally, they are grown and are a big support for me, so I took the chance and finally created my own official business. I hope you enjoy learning about my culture and using our products. My mission is to bring a piece of Peru to your home.  

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